[unisog] MyParty

Jose Nazario jose at biocserver.BIOC.cwru.edu
Mon Jan 28 21:10:07 GMT 2002

On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Anderson Johnston wrote:

> We are getting slammed with the My Party worm.  As near as we can
> tell, it's showing up in two flavors.  There is a relatively obvious
> one that has the subject "new photos from my party!"

i have been blocking this with a sendmail rule:

HSubject: $>Check_Subject

D{PtyPat}new photos from my party!
D{PtyMsg}New MyPhotos worm.

R{PtyPat} $*            $#error $: 553 ${PtyMsg}
RRe: {PtyPat} $*        $#error $: 553 ${PtyMsg}

this will help slow down the dumber, initial variant with the status
subject line.

simply insert this as decribed here:


seems to help give you more time to upgrade everything else, its no
replacement for desktop security. i haven't seen the newer variants so i
can't help you there. it may be using a static MIME content start line, so
.. keep that in mind.

hope this helps some of you,

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