Fwd: [unisog] MyParty

Anderson Johnston andy at umbc.edu
Mon Jan 28 21:53:45 GMT 2002

On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Bob Ono wrote:

> Andy,
> We have not seen this version of the MyParty worm.  Can you provide
> additional information as to how it is related to the MyParty virus - same
> attachment names?  Is there any unique characteristic to this new flavor?
> Thanks.
> Bob

Sorry, folks.  False alarm.  I was working from second-hand reports.

I've just come back from some house calls to the actual victims and it
looks like we have a SirCam outbreak coincident with the debut of MyParty.
There is only the one "mild" flavor of MyParty out there, the rest is

Actually, there was a PC that had both SirCam and Magister.B, though the
Magister infection was incomplete (having been blocked by SirCam).

Sorry for the excitement.  It's just another Monday after all.

						- Andy

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