[unisog] Verisign trying to slam EDU domain holders?

Phil Benchoff benchoff at vt.edu
Tue Jan 1 02:29:20 GMT 2002

We received an invoice from them.  It was followed shortly by another
e-mail stating that the invoice was sent in error.  I don't remember
if that one was from Educause or NSI.  There was a third note from
Educause with account and password information for our domains in
the Educause registry.

I won't miss doing business with NSI.


On Mon, Dec 31, 2001 at 11:44:09AM -0700, Richard Johnson wrote:
> Anyone else received bogus bills for .edu domains from Verispam/Notwork
> Solutions recently?
> Educause is running the .edu registry, and there's presently no charge.
> <http://www.educause.edu/edudomain/>
> However, in at least one case this does not appear to be stopping Verisign
> from sending out bogus invoices that state the .edu domain being dunned
> will be removed unless the bill is paid.
> This smells exactly like the "implicit authority to transfer registry"
> scams that the likes of Register.com have long run against naive .com
> domain holders.
> Have others run into this kind of slamming attempt by Verisign against
> their EDU domains?
> Richard

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