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Two talks which may be of interest to Higher-Ed InfoSec @ Internet Crimes 2002:

Kevin Delli-Colli, US Customs Service will be giving a talk on "Operation
Buccaneer" at the upcoming Internet Crimes 2002 conference and exhibition
during the session on Tuesday February 5 from 10:45am to noon.

Kevin Delli-Colli was the Director of the cybercrime smuggling center which
ran the sting that targeted campuses around the country that were implicated
in the distribution of "pirated software."  Delli-Colli's presentation
"Operation Bucanneer: Customs Battle to Stop Piracy & Intellectual Property Theft"
will discuss procedures universities and colleges can implement to prevent
the distribution of software and other intellectual property illegally.

Another talk which could be of interest to university infosec officers is:
"Enforcement of The Digital Millennium Copyright Act", Michael O'Leary, US DOJ
(Monday, Feb 4th, 1:45P-3P session).

I've attached an announcement for University IT Security folks I was asked to post.
Notice: I have no financial relationship with Internet Crimes / CyberCrime 2002.

- H. Morrow Long
  University Information Security Officer
  Yale University, ITS, Dir. InfoSec Office

	TO:	University IT Professionals		
		FROM:	Internet Crimes
	 	DATE:	7 January, 2002		
We are pleased to announce that Internet Crimes, Inc., in conjunction with AIG and other premier conference sponsors, is featuring Kevin Delli-Colli, Director of the U.S. Customs CyberSmuggling Center at the CyberCrime 2002 Conference, February 3 - 5, 2002
at Foxwoods Resort in Connecticut.  Mr. Delli-Colli's presentation, "Operation Bucanneer: Customs Battle to Stop Piracy & Intellectual Property Theft", will include highlights of the largest, most extensive investigation in the world targeting the "Warez"
multi-billion-dollar software piracy scheme.  He, and our other prestigious faculty members, will be available throughout the conference to discuss the proactive steps that educational institutions can take to prevent this type of criminal activity.  

Attend Sessions On: 
·	"CyberCrime & Technology:  The Good, the Bad, and the Challenges"
Presented by Howard Schmidt, Vice Chair, President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board
·	"Operation CEO and Identity Theft"
Presented by Dectective Michael Fabozzi, NYPD Computer Investigations & Technology Unit
·	"Operation Avalanche:  Inside the Biggest Child Exploitation Case in U.S. History"
Presented by Raymond Smith, U.S. Postal Inspection Service
·	"Intellectual Property in Cyberspace:  Enforcement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act"
Presented by Michael O'Leary, Esq., U.S. Department of Justice
·	"Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention"
Presented by Phyllis Schneck, VP, SecureWorks/Co-Chair, Nat'l Exec. Committee of InfraGard

Other Speakers Include:
·	Dr. Henry Lee - World-renowned forensic scientist
·	Ronald Dick - Director of the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center
·	Dr. Fred Cohen - Computer virus expert

The committee on Electronic Privacy, chaired by Nina Santucci of the Windmere Group, will release their exclusive white papers ONLY at CyberCrime 2002.  

HANDS-ON COMPUTER LAB:  Sponsored by   
Participate in hands-on sessions and demonstrations on:
* Identity Fraud		* Child Exploitation	  * Hacking Tools & Sites
* Intrusion Detection Systems	                          * Monitoring vs. blocking/Filtering

With a critical agenda and world-renowned faculty at an unbeatable location, this conference is selling out quickly.  We urge you to register early.  For complete details, please visit, or call 1-800-213-4326 - fax 1-203-245-3022. 
We hope you can join us, along with hundreds of other professionals at the premier conference on preventing and combating Internet crimes.

Conference Sponsored in Part By:									EDS, SilentRunner, ENTERASYS NETWORKS, Information Security Magazine,
	ISSA (Information Systems Security Association)
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