[unisog] Cisco VPN concentrators and AD

Steve Bernard sbernard at gmu.edu
Thu Jan 17 23:40:09 GMT 2002

PGPnet (Win32, Mac) and Safenet Soft-PK are both good. Cisco's client is
basically a re-branding of the Safenet product from what I've been told. I
like Soft-PK's interoperability. Besides IPSEC, it supports L2TP, SecureID,
and RADIUS. L2TP has its merits when compared with IPSEC, and
multi-functionality is nice in a client. Both come as a part of a suite or
as stand-alone products.




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> Is anyone useing Cisco VPN 3000 concentrators and authenticating
> directly against MS Active Directory.  The general CISCO blurb says it
> is possible and the sales people assure us it is possible but we can't
> find anything in the docs or the configuration.
> There is an option for NT Domain but we would prefer to use our campus
> wide AD service.
> On a more general note any experiences with the Cisco VPN gear -- what
> client software are people using on various systems.
> Windows Native IP Sec
> linux  freeswan
> Mac    ???
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