[unisog] Keeping up with Win OS critical updates

Steve Bernard sbernard at gmu.edu
Tue Jan 22 21:38:08 GMT 2002

Besides imaging software, Microsoft's IntelliMirror, Novell's ZENworks, and
CA's UniCenter are probably the most prevalent tools for doing this. Windows
2000 and XP both include IntelliMirror capability. I'm not sure if it's
built into ME or if there are updates for Windows 95/98. Novell's ZENworks
is part of Netware 5+, maybe 4.11+ too, and uses the newer Novell client
software. We had some CA reps and engineers in here for about a month trying
to show us how UniCenter was great but, it ended up being a huge hassle that
didn't seem to live up to their claims, and cost way too much, YMMV.

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We're looking at doing the same thing.  AFAICT the only way to do this is
with scripting.  You have to use a combination of HFNetChk and QChain and a
scripting language of your choice.

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> We have about a 800 user environment and are looking for a way to
> push down critical updates to the users.  We do not want to rely on
> the users to go to Windows updates or even if we have the
> notification turned on we don't want to rely on them to download
> them.  We want to be able to test them on our test machines then push
> them down at once to all of the users.
> How do you handle this?
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