Pseudo-anon apache proxy/relay bug?

Huba Leidenfrost huba at
Wed Jan 23 19:44:25 GMT 2002

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Even though we don't have proxying enabled, it appears that on one of
our apache web servers seems to have a proxy "feature" enabled that
shouldn't be.  I can point to it as my proxy and it will gladly fetch
anything I want.  My IP still shows up as the requester but the end
site I wish to surf sees the webserver as the requesting IP and not
mine.  Somewhat of a poor-mans pseudo-anon proxy.  I've searched for
a bug saying this is fixed in a newer version of apache but can't
find any mention of it.

Has anyone else noticed this problem?  It showed on the radar because
our access_log on one of our webservers grew tremendously and we
noticed the volume was all requests for porn sites being made from
IPs outside of our /16.

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