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Linda Drake Linda.Drake at Colorado.EDU
Thu Jan 24 14:59:14 GMT 2002

I'm wondering if anyone has any knowledge or especially experience with the
Google Search Appliance. We're now using Ultraseek on our main campus web
server but are considering what Google has to offer. As I understand it, the
appliance is a package deal for two years, in which a linux-based cluster is
located on our network and they (Google) will do all the admin work
themselves from afar. I have some concerns about putting someone else's
box(es) on our production network but don't want to just say no to a product
that may be really good. Because of their privacy policy they aren't able to
give us any references so I'm hoping someone here can help out. Thanks in

Linda Drake
Manager, Central and Unix Services
Information Technology Services
455 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0455
Linda.Drake at Colorado.edu
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