[unisog] Keeping up with Win OS critical updates

Baran, Ben bbaran at uchicago.edu
Fri Jan 25 19:19:40 GMT 2002

I've been looking at UpdateExpert by St Bernard Software, but haven't had
much time to play with it. You can manage any number of machines and push
hotfixes down to them. The only problem I've found is that I have a hard
time keeping the program from rebooting the machines right away, so I'm not
sure about use on servers, though with scheduling this would not be a



Ben Baran (bbaran at uchicago.edu)
Department of Medicine IS
University of Chicago

> We have about a 800 user environment and are looking for a way to
> push down critical updates to the users.  We do not want to rely on
> the users to go to Windows updates or even if we have the
> notification turned on we don't want to rely on them to download
> them.  We want to be able to test them on our test machines then push
> them down at once to all of the users.
> How do you handle this?
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