[unisog] anyone heard of this?

Stephen Lee lee at mailhost.sju.edu
Mon Jan 28 22:29:15 GMT 2002

Thanks to everyone for all the great advice. I am going to move up a
planned upgrade date and get to Solaris 8 (all locked down if I'm able).
I've tried most of the suggested tasks today and still found nothing.
I'll keep plugging along till I find something to report. I haven't put
in my two weeks notice yet. Thanks for the offers of help from many of
you, I will ask for help if I have trouble installing the tools you

I think my biggest duty is to protect your campuses from any compromised
server on my campus. If you see anything which looks dangerous coming
from my domain let me know and I'll act on your concern right away.

Thanks to you all,
Stephen J. Lee			Saint Joseph's University
Systems Administrator		5600 City Avenue
Networking & Telecommunications	Philadelphia, PA 19131-1395
E-mail: lee at sju.edu		Voice: (610) 660-1679
				Fax: (610) 660-1536

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