[unisog] CacheFlow open proxies (was: I need help.)

Steve VanDevender stevev at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Fri Jul 19 19:25:41 GMT 2002

Tom Perrine writes:
 > Has anyone tried contacting the vendor?  Since they are positioning
 > themselves as a security solution (mostly bandwidth shaping, I think),
 > it would be interesting to see how they respond to this.

I did try contacting CacheFlow last year.  This was in fact prompted by
open proxies at cacheflow.com itself being used to relay spam.  The
answer they gave me at the time was that people should be putting
CacheFlow boxes behind firewalls, that in any case they felt it was up
to the end user to configure their product securely, and ultimately I
seemed to have been blown off.

 > Anyone for a BUGTRAQ posting?  I would, but I don't have one of the
 > boxes, and we aren't seeing the problem.

This has been discussed on BUGTRAQ extensively already.

 > The open proxies list at monkeys.org seems to be listing them, and
 > since we use that, not a lot of CacheFlow-relayed SPAM is getting
 > through.

I'm still looking for a really good open proxy blacklist.  If anyone has
previously experienced the owner of monkeys.com, you might have noticed
he can be a bit erratic.  There is another fairly nice-looking DNS
blacklist at http://blitzed.org/opm/ which they maintain primarily to
prevent IRC abuse via open proxies, and which could be used for spam
blocking although my experiments didn't seem to indicate that it made
much difference for that purpose.  MAPS doesn't appear to have done
anything towards setting up their own proxy blacklist.

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