[unisog] Microsoft ISA Server

Curtis Kline ckline at housing.ucsb.edu
Wed Jul 24 21:42:42 GMT 2002

We also looked at that product as a firewall for our administrative
network. One major drawback: Network Address Translation is required
between the inside and outside interfaces. It is a proxy server at heart
(it's really just MS Proxy Server 3.0) and it cannot act like a router
between those interfaces.

It can in fact route packets without terminating the TCP connection
between the 'DMZ' and the outside interface, but traffic destined for
the inside interface must be proxied.

Those reasons, among others, caused us to go another route.

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+ Anyone have experience with MS ISA Server, especially as a stateful
+ firewall?  One of the Microsoft shops here is looking at it...
+ Is it worth the time/trouble/cost?  What are the major downsides?
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