[unisog] AD and ISC Interoperability?

Paul Asadoorian Paul_Asadoorian at brown.edu
Thu Jul 25 16:50:15 GMT 2002

After trying every method in our QA environment we decided to delegate the
AD zones to Win2k DNS.  So we created an ad.<univ name>.edu zone, and
delgated it to the AD root servers, who are running DNS.  The root servers,
and most AD member servers, reside on the same subnet(s), so I delegated the
reverse zones as well.  This works extrememly well for us, and makes
everyone happy :-) The Win2k DNS does not impact our ISC DNS, the Windows
admins are happy because they have control over their own zones and can
allow dynamic updates, and the Unix people are happy because we don't have
to allow updates in ISC.  The only downside is that our DNS is now split
between ISC and Windows.

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1) Has anyone had any experience with a mixed (ISC DHCP & Microsoft DNS)
implementation for Win2K AD?


2) Has anyone had any experience with ISC Bind and ISC dhcp in a Win2k AD
environment? (DDNS)

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