[unisog] Active Directory and OpenLDAP

Christopher A Bongaarts cab at tc.umn.edu
Mon Jul 29 17:22:44 GMT 2002

As John Stauffacher once put it so eloquently:

> I am wondering if anybody out there has found an easy way to add users
> to Active directory by way of ldap. Currently I am syncing my OpenLDAP
> auth database with AD using some homemade perl scripts and a SOAP cgi
> (using perl and ADSI), I would like to clean it up with some straight
> LDAP calls and get rid of the need for a windows box all together.
> Anyone have any ideas? Does SFU 3.0 provide support for updating a 3rd
> party LDAP solution?

We add users to AD via LDAPS (if you want to modify the password field 
you need SSL and you have to format it in a very wacky way).  You
don't really need anything special to do this (except for the

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