[SAGE] SPAM Filtering policy?

David Parter dparter at cs.wisc.edu
Wed Jul 31 19:12:34 GMT 2002

> Hi All,
> I have been asked to draft a SPAM filtering policy. Could you tell me 
> what you do along those lines and what type of policy is in place 
> especially in an academic environment?  We are experimenting with 
> using spamassassin to mark spam but we are currently delivering 
> everything except virus laden mail.  Virus infected mail is 
> quarantined and the sender notified.

we are about to offer spamassassin as an opt-in option to our users, in
two modes: mark spam, and refile spam into a spam folder, which we will
help them manage, so as to not eat up all the users' quotas (it will
rotate out on some schedule).


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