[unisog] SPAM Filtering policy?

John Stauffacher stauffacher at chapman.edu
Wed Jul 31 20:08:36 GMT 2002

At Chapman we have been experimenting with SpamCop (dnsrbl) and letting
the users know what we are doing. We wrote a couple custom scripts so
users could see if any legit mail had been dropped. If it had, they
usually contact us and we find ways to get the mail through (if it was
indeed legit). I have also been on an advocacy trip when talking with
people (usually vendors) who are blacklisted. All in all, we have found
that education and keeping people in the loop has caused us to have very
few problems. To date I have only had 2 cases of legit mail being
bounced, and that's in a couple months of running. It took my running
totals of mail from about 15-17k messages a day down to about 10 or 12
... I never thought so much spam was coming through (and going out).
On a related note:
I don't know if anybody out there has seen those flyers on their campus
"Make money from your computer", or "Internet Users needed" - the flyers
are for a company that hires students to spam for them. I have run into
a few of my top "spammers" who were "working" for this scheme. I would
suggest tearing down those flyers as your first defense in stopping
spam. Then use spamcop or spamassasin or any one of the great spam
killing products...anomy etc...

-John Stauffacher 

John Stauffacher
Network Administrator
Chapman University
stauffacher at chapman.edu

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Hi All,

I have been asked to draft a SPAM filtering policy. Could you tell me 
what you do along those lines and what type of policy is in place 
especially in an academic environment?  We are experimenting with 
using spamassassin to mark spam but we are currently delivering 
everything except virus laden mail.  Virus infected mail is 
quarantined and the sender notified.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Thank you all,


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