spam-filter for Exchange/Outlook, centrally managed, user selectable

Andre Earl Paquet Andre.Earl.Paquet at UMontreal.CA
Tue Jun 4 21:26:26 GMT 2002


       I am looking for an (incoming-)Spam-filtering program, that would be
attached to our Exchange server, centrally managed AND user selectable.

       Does anybody out there have suggestions about such a beast ?

       I know the "user selectable" part is difficult.

       Background : we are in a University setting.

                    Some people are very fed up about SPAM. It is
                    true that it is getting difficult to bear :
                    for some, almost 50 % of their email is SPAM.
                    Some of these people would be willing to
                    support us if we subscribed to a third party
                    spam signatures provider to pre-filter their
                    incoming mail for them (with the appropriate
                    software). They DO NOT want to
                    maintain their own individual filters.

                    On the other hand, other people don't want to
                    hear about any content/source filtering for their
                    email. "One person's SPAM is the other person's
                    essential email", they say. And Big Brother, and
                    all that.

                    I tend to believe that SPAM is a fact of life,
                    even if I hate it, and I tend to agree with the
                    no-central-filtering crowd.


                    We would like to offer a non-compulsory centrally-
                    managed (third party maintained signatures) anti-spam
                    filtering for those who want such a thing. People
                    would choose to opt-in.

                    Our official EMAIL platform is now Exchange/Outlook,
                    so it would have to integrate with that.

                    I will summarize.

Thank you,

Andre Earl Paquet,
Security Officer,
Universite de Montreal

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