Wireless ResNet Experiences

William Diehl III willdieh at lasierra.edu
Wed Jun 5 16:15:39 GMT 2002


Our university has recently decided to re-open one of its abandoned dormitories next fall and has asked that it be wired for ethernet (resnet).

Rather than installing 240 new connections, I was considering making it a wireless dormitory.
The main advantages would be lower installation costs and overall ease of installation (the building is very old and has NO conduit).

Anyone have any experience/comment on this type of idea?

The main issues I see are related to EUA enforcement - we would need some system of validating EUA agreements before activation. For our other dormitories, we have a paper form which leads to port activation via snmp. I certainly don't want to have to keep track of everyone's MAC addresses.

Thanks all,

William Diehl
Network Administrator
La Sierra University
Riverside, CA

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