[unisog] spam-filter for Exchange/Outlook, centrally managed, user selectable

Teus Hagen teus at nlnet.nl
Wed Jun 5 18:24:37 GMT 2002

What about the following SPAM illimitating email procedure idea:
Have a user and/or central (MTA) automated mail reply service which does 
the following:
- incoming email from unknown senders (stored in a database) is replied with
    a unique number in it. Or if the email sender address is in the 
database already
 it is forwarded to the recipient. If not the sender has to reply (push 
reply button/send) on
    this email with the unique number (in e.g. Subject field).
- if the auto answered email with the unique number is replied within a week
    the original email is forwarded to the meant original recipient(s).
    If not the email is "discarded".
- the email users will have the possibility to add sender addresses to the
    SPAM avoidence email sender address database.

This email intermediate (filter) could easily be put in e.g. procmail or MTA
server software.

Is this a feasible idea to avoid spam?

teus hagen
Stichting NLnet

Andre Earl Paquet wrote:

>       I am looking for an (incoming-)Spam-filtering program, that would be
>attached to our Exchange server, centrally managed AND user selectable.
>       Does anybody out there have suggestions about such a beast ?
>       I know the "user selectable" part is difficult.
>       ...
>Andre Earl Paquet,
>Security Officer,
>Universite de Montreal

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