[unisog] Ftp access to Web servers

Steve Bernard sbernard at gmu.edu
Mon Jun 10 20:06:51 GMT 2002

Assuming that access of some sort will have to be provided, I would try to
steer things towards either an HTTPS/SSL protected web portal that allows
users to edit their web space or require the use of SSH2/SFTP for file
transfers. Both of these provide encryption as well as a variety of
authentication methods.


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From: Bob Ellsworth [mailto:bellswor at wlu.ca]
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Subject: [unisog] Ftp access to Web servers

Hi : I'd like to ask this list how their institutions handle "ftp"
access to their web servers.

Up until now we have maintained very restrictive access to our web
server: we allow access from internal networks
only. Unfortunately, pressure is building to allow access from various
Internet Services Providers so that our staff
and faculty can update web pages from home.

I'm sure that we are not the only university facing this pressure. My
colleagues and would appreciate any advice
or suggestions that members of this list might provide.


Bob Ellsworth
Wilfrid Laurier University

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