[unisog] Ftp access to Web servers

Steve Bernard sbernard at gmu.edu
Tue Jun 11 14:59:14 GMT 2002


Good suggestions. I thought of suggesting `stunnel` and FTP or WebDAV but,
wanted to give the simplest solutions. The complexities and overhead of
digital certificates still make some shy away.

The PuTTY clients (SSH2, SCP, SFTP) are good stuff too,


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>>>>> On Mon, 10 Jun 2002 16:06:51 -0400, "Steve Bernard" <sbernard at gmu.edu>

    Steve> Assuming that access of some sort will have to be provided, I
would try to
    Steve> steer things towards either an HTTPS/SSL protected web portal
that allows
    Steve> users to edit their web space or require the use of SSH2/SFTP for
    Steve> transfers. Both of these provide encryption as well as a variety
    Steve> authentication methods.

    Steve> Steve

Or, you can use FTP over SSL, with the SecureFTP client (free, Java,
portable).  We use an ssl wrapper with an FTP server, and the Java
client for lots of stuff.  Has the "advantage" of only encrypting the
command channel, no the data channel, which is good for our users, who
think that pushing around a Terabyte or two should be instantaneous


I guess the "real" answer will (someday) be WebDAV over SSL, since all
the web authoring stuff seems to be heading towards DAV, but most of
the clients seem to think that passwords are an interesting idea that
should be shared with the world as often as possible...

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