Tape backup solutions

William Diehl III willdieh at lasierra.edu
Tue Jun 11 17:36:34 GMT 2002


We are considering replacing our current tape backup system with new technology.

We are looking at AIT-2 and a Sony LIB-152/A2 which we can get for about $5100 (15 slot, 1 drive).
Tapes seem to be about $75 each.

This system will be used to backup a samba file server, webmail server, oracle database server, etc with all systems running either Linux or Solaris.

Does anyone have a comment on AIT-2? Should we spend the extra money and go with AIT-3? Or wait for IBM/Sony to release there new terabyte capacity tapes (This month's PC Magazine)?
Of course funds are low... 

Any insight would be appreciated. We feel AIT-2 will more than suffice to meet our needs now as far as capacity is concerned. But with decreasing storage costs... the future is unclear.

William Diehl
Network Administrator
La Sierra University

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