[unisog] Tape backup solutions

Mon Jun 17 15:43:39 GMT 2002

Stan Horwitz recently posted

> On Mon, 17 Jun 2002, Patrick Darden wrote:

> >
> > I think hard drives are cheap enough so you could just use NAS to mirror
> > your stuff.  HDs are beginning to get competitive with tapes:

> There's still no substitute like a tape backup. Mirroring
> works great for real time backups, but if the mirror breaks
> due to a software or hardware error, you may have a problem
> on your hands when it comes time to restore your filesystem.

I think Patrick was suggesting managing the backup disks in much the
same way you manage tapes: Use your favorite backup programs to write
to the backup disks, rather than using RAID mirroring.

In quantity, just for the media, I've seen prices about half what 
Patrick mentioned, for tape, IDE magnetic disk and writable DVD blanks.
(i.e. current prices seem to be somewhat less than $1/GB)

Unfortunately, DVD discs take up significantly more space than tape,
magnetic disk drives tend to be much more fragile, and
hot-swap connectors aren't designed for as many insertions as 
would be desirable.


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