[unisog] Computer Registration

Christopher Misra crispy at nic.umass.edu
Wed Jun 5 19:26:54 GMT 2002

>> Has anyone had success with a product or technique for registering
>> computer before granting access University resources?
>  http://www.southwestern.edu/ITS/netreg/

We have been using a slightly customized version of netreg for over 
2 years now. It involved some minor mods to force authentication against our
campus kerberos implementation. We also added a few piece to communicate with
our accounts database, and an account activation system that was developed in

We have had success using it for 10,000+ registered students per semester
in our res halls. It makes it considerably easier in tracking down systems
by student/mac addr. Many of our other tools also rely on the username-mac 
addr mapping in the dhcpd.conf.

If you have any other questions about specific implementation details, feel 
free to contact me directly.

				- Chris
Christopher Misra                                    Network Analyst 
OIT/Network Systems and Services                        LGRC A153
University of Massachusetts                         Amherst, MA  01003
E-mail: cmisra at nic.umass.edu

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