[unisog] Wireless ResNet Experiences

Paul Schmehl pauls at utdallas.edu
Wed Jun 5 20:28:59 GMT 2002

All of our residences will eventually be wireless.  Right 
now about half of them are.  We use Bluesocket to 
authenticate users before they can get an IP address.  We 
use WEP right now, but will be switching to VPN next month 
for encryption.

--On Wednesday, June 05, 2002 9:15 AM -0700 William Diehl 
III <willdieh at lasierra.edu> wrote:

> Greetings;
> Our university has recently decided to re-open one of its
> abandoned dormitories next fall and has asked that it be
> wired for ethernet (resnet).
> Rather than installing 240 new connections, I was
> considering making it a wireless dormitory. The main
> advantages would be lower installation costs and overall
> ease of installation (the building is very old and has NO
> conduit).

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