[unisog] Wireless ResNet Experiences

Arnold, Jamie harnold at binghamton.edu
Wed Jun 5 22:11:26 GMT 2002

Talk to the folks at Morrisville.  They did their whole campus (just about)
instead of paying for rewiring.  They seem happy, but there are some serious
security issues with wireless that you need to factor in
(authentication...VPN?  802.1x, drive by computing, etc)  Most of these can
be dealt with fairly well with available technology.

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Our university has recently decided to re-open one of its abandoned
dormitories next fall and has asked that it be wired for ethernet (resnet).

Rather than installing 240 new connections, I was considering making it a
wireless dormitory. The main advantages would be lower installation costs
and overall ease of installation (the building is very old and has NO

Anyone have any experience/comment on this type of idea?

The main issues I see are related to EUA enforcement - we would need some
system of validating EUA agreements before activation. For our other
dormitories, we have a paper form which leads to port activation via snmp. I
certainly don't want to have to keep track of everyone's MAC addresses.

Thanks all,

William Diehl
Network Administrator
La Sierra University
Riverside, CA

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