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John Callahan jcallaha at willamette.edu
Thu Jun 6 00:55:23 GMT 2002

We use a homebrewed registration system that combines tricks with DHCP and the "transparent proxy" feature of Linux ipchains to steer unregistered users to a registration web page where they agree to policy and provide make/model and OS.

The registration information goes into a PostgreSQL database that has all the network attached devices on campus, institutionally owned and otherwise.  A custom DHCP server written in Perl that feeds off the database.

It is designed so that a student can register multiple computers, or multiple network cards in a single computer, both of which we are seeing more and more.

We started it around '97 and it has grown to the point where if a user calls the Help Desk, the staff have immediate access to how many computers associated with a user, what OS they have (or was claimed when registered), which port or ports they are active on, and what the DHCP server logs are for any relevant address.

Future plans include gleaning the OS from DHCP vendor class strings, which modern Macs and Windows seem to provide, and incorporating "last seen" info into the inventory database.

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"Bryan McLaughlin wrote:
> Has anyone had success with a product or technique for registering computer before granting access University resources?  We spend a lot of time tracking down the owner of infected or compromised computers. I would like to be able to easily identify the owner/location of most machines on the network, including roaming student laptops.  How do others handle this situation.
> Thanks,
> Bryan McLaughlin
> Information Security Officer
> Creighton University
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