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Frank da Cruz fdc at columbia.edu
Tue Jun 11 20:04:34 GMT 2002

> > The PuTTY clients (SSH2, SCP, SFTP) are good stuff too,
> > http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/
> At http://www.ssh.com they give away, to academic sites, a very
> good ssh client that works wonderfully with open ssh. It has a
> dumb terminal interface (a la telnet) and a lovely file explorer so
> you can drag and drop files. You can also change file protection
> from the ssh explorer with the usual Microsoft conventions (ie.
> right click for properties, etc.), rename files, etc.
> Why would one even think about FTP?
A few points for the sake of balance.  First, FTP includes some
capabilities lacking from SSH-based file transfer protocols (except
Kermit over SSH), principally record-format and character-set conversion
between unlike platforms or like ones with different character sets.

Second, FTP can work over SSL, TLS, or Kerberos connections, and therefore
can be just as secure, if not more, than SSH.  See:


As to PuTTY and SSHWinClient (and TeraTerm, and SecureCRT, etc)...
You can now include Kermit 95 among the roster of SSH clients for Windows.
Version 2.0 was released a few days ago:


It compares pretty well with the other SSH clients:


Its primary advantages for the academic world are:

 . It comes from academia itself.
 . It includes Kerberos 4/5, SSL/TLS, and SRP security as well as SSH v1/v2.
 . It includes secure Telnet, Rlogin, FTP, and HTTP clients.
 . It also supports plain-text network connections and serial ones.
 . In band-file transfer protocols include Kermit and Zmodem.
 . Everything it does is fully scriptable.
 . It's compatible with C-Kermit on Linux, Solaris, AIX, VMS, etc.
 . Cheap academic site licenses are available.

Version 2.0 of K95 is the first version to run in a GUI window, and
therefore allows font selection, Unicode terminal sessions, etc etc, even in
Win9x, see the website for sample screens, including terminal screens with
many languages:


For Windows NT, 2000, and XP, K95 2.0 can be installed as a service on your
PC allowing secure, authenticated remote text-mode access on the Internet
for file transfer and management.  For details, see:


As an SFTP replacement, the Kermit 95 client and C-Kermit server (installed
as an SSH subsystem) give the same security and performance as SFTP/SFTPD
but a great deal more options and features:


The same range of features is available in K95 as an FTP client:


The academic site license costs about what you would pay for a PC or two; it
won't break the bank and proceeds go to keeping one of the last remaining
university-based nonprofit software R&D projects going strong (21+ years and
counting!), whose work includes not just writing software but also active
participation in the standards process:


If you're interested in evaluating K95 2.0 for an academic site license,
please contact me directly (our network-accessible expiring trial version
should be ready shortly; in the meantime we can arrange demos case by case).

Getting back On Topic: K95 2.0 does indeed give you secure FTP access and
HTTP access to Web sites, allowing remote maintenance or whatever else you
have in mind, and it can all be automated, and it even works between unlike
platforms, such as Windows and Linux.

Frank da Cruz
The Kermit Project
Columbia University
612 West 115th Street
New York NY  10025-7799
Email: fdc at columbia.edu

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