[unisog] attachment support

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at bangor.ac.uk
Wed Jun 12 08:53:07 GMT 2002

Jim Ennis wrote:
> Has anyone else gone through this change and what were the results/impact
> of modifying attachment names so that the users have to rename them to
> use them.  We will have to work up an education plan for our users to
> let them know about the change, but we are concerned with blocking future
> mailings using our resources (either a list or direct mail) to spread
> viruses.

We've been adding "attachment_renamed.txt" to attachments ending in .exe,
.bat, .pif etc for some time now and no-one's complained. We use a fairly
simple procmail rule to do it but then we were already using procmail to
deliver messages.

> Also, we have some recent queries about blocking spam at the mailer level
> beyond the usual spam list checks.  Are there any recommended solutions
> (free or commercial) for Solaris with Postfix as the mailer software?

We're trying MailScanner (http://www.mailscanner.info/) which scans e-mails
for viruses and can use SpamAssassin to tag spam. As others have said,
blocking what something automatic decides is spam may cause grief as one
man's spam is another man's news (or Dilbert cartoon!) I don't think it's
been integrated with Postfix yet though.



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