[unisog] Windows 2K and XP security settings?

Joel Gridley jarmaug at net.tufts.edu
Mon Jun 17 16:14:56 GMT 2002

On Thu, 13 Jun 2002, Reg Quinton wrote:

> Run the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer and faithfully follow the
> recommendations it makes.
> It works.

As of the last time I tried it, two weeks ago, this was not so.
MBSA couldn't even figure out what OS my machine was running
(winxp home), and gave so many false positives as to make the
entire process pointless.

Perhaps on a Win2k box it works (I didn't try it on that platform),
but the majority of the new machines this next semester will more
than likely be loaded with the "latest and greatest" (read: XP).
Anyone who thinks that XP can be secured using the same tools and/or
processes as 2k is just inviting disaster.


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