[unisog] FWD: [CIO] Secret Service probe of computers [ keystroke loggers installed on PCs in public areas at US Universities ]

Paul Schmehl pauls at utdallas.edu
Fri Jun 21 12:06:13 GMT 2002

It's real.  I have first hand knowledge of a Texas 
university that has been contacted by the SS about this 
issue ( not us.)

--On Wednesday, June 19, 2002 3:38 PM -0600 "William D. 
Colburn (aka Schlake)" <wcolburn at nmt.edu> wrote:

> Hmmmm.  Technically, what you have sent is "junk mail",
> since you aren't the authoritative source for this
> information.  Is there a way we can reference this with
> the secret service to tell if it is real?

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