[unisog] Major campus-wide scans at UNC

Walter G. Aiello Walter.Aiello at Duke.edu
Fri Mar 1 21:23:03 GMT 2002

Greetings, David:

Yes, I agree that a well-protected and moderated site that
listed problem networks would be an excellent idea. SANS
has a list of the "Top 10 Most Wanted" that contains the 10
worst offenders in the previous 5 day period.

If a list such as that were combined into a list of sources
and ISP's that are the least responsive, and if enough of us
blocked the offenders, it might just hit their bottom line
hard enough for them to start taking some responsibility.

Best regards,
Walter G. Aiello

Dr. Walter G. Aiello
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Box 3808, Department of Radiology
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Walter.Aiello at Duke.edu
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David Staggs wrote:
> Agree with the Wannado block.  I got tired of seeing their scans filling
> up my logs.  What would be a good idea is have a site where people could
> register known problem networks for all to review and take appropriate
> action if desired.  ISP's seem to ignore reports of their users scanning
> our networks.  Maybe if there was an unified block by Universities, they
> would start to listen to complaints and take action.
> Thoughts??
> Regards,

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