[unisog] Remote Desktop Tech Support from Help Desks

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at bangor.ac.uk
Tue Mar 12 08:52:37 GMT 2002

Jeff Bollinger wrote:
> Is anyone using a Remote Desktop tool at their help desks?  I know that 
> Win XP has this functionality built in. Just curious if anyone is using 
> this, and how they have secured it, developed policy, etc.

We use VNC (http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/) - the price was right! The 
way we use it for support is that the helpdesk person runs it with the 
listen option and then the "customer" runs a script which asks for the name 
of the helpdesk PC (and prompts them to ask the helpdesk person for it!) 
and then runs WinVNC and tells it to connect to the listener. That way, it 
isn't running all the time on the customer machine - only when needed - and 
nobody needs to use the passwords in VNC.

It's probably not as elegant a solution as something more expensive but as 
a freeby it's pretty good. There are quite a few platforms covered too.



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