[unisog] insecure wireless LAN deployment at .edu

Greg Schaffer schaffer at mtsu.edu
Fri Mar 8 01:57:48 GMT 2002

What we're doing right now is we provide the SSID and the WEP key as the end 
part of the registration process.  We require users to register their MAC 
addresses of their cards; this registration is authenticated through our 
central server to ensure the registrant is associated with MTSU, and the 
access points use a radius server to allow valid MAC addresses through.

We also recognize that WEP and SSID methods are speed bumps for security at 
best; they're not really that effective at ensuring security.  But it does 
help prevent unauthorized users from using the wireless service.

We require the users to do their own configurations; we only provide the 
information on what needs to be configured.  But we're still in the beginning 
stages of offering wireless services, and will adjust if we se a need to.

BTW, we also offer the clients the ability to connect without WEP.


>===== Original Message From Bob Smith <bsmith at longwood.edu> =====
>We were wondering how some of you are managing the assignment of the SSIDs
>and WEP passwords for your clients especially for the students.
>Do you have authorized staff configure the devices or do you provide the
>student/faculty/staff member with the information and let them do it?
>Additional comments or feedback is appreciated.
>Bob Smith
>Information Security Administrator
>Longwood College
>Farmville, Virginia

Greg Schaffer
Director of Network Services
Information Technology Division
Middle Tennessee State University

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