[unisog] Questions about software installation policies...

Patrick O'Callaghan poc at usb.ve
Wed Mar 13 21:54:31 GMT 2002

On Wed, 2002-03-13 at 17:19, Ronnie Morgan wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm kind of curious about what policy you have in regards to software
> installations at the desktop.  Do you allow the end user to install software
> on their desk top system?  If so, is any software installations allowed?
> And if not, what procedures do your users follow for getting software
> installed?  And how well received is that?
> Here at my campus, we are more than willing to install just about anything
> they need, but, they want the "freedom" to install software themselves.  IT
> is to "controlling", as they say.  So, I'm doing some research to see just
> how controlling we are.  Any information you can provide will be greatly
> appreciated.

NT users get a standard environment but no admin password. If they want
extra stuff they can ask us to install it. If they don't like that and
want to do their own installation, we make them sign a release
that relieves us of responsability (both for their screw-ups and to
avoid any legal impact of them installing unlicensed software),
and give them the admin password. The latter is theoretical protection
and has never been tested. YMMV.

>From then on, the only maintenance we will give is to reset the
machine to the standard configuration. If that means reformatting
their hard drive, so be it.


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