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Brezin, Wendy wbrezin at unf.edu
Wed Mar 13 22:06:41 GMT 2002

Ronnie -

At the University of North Florida, we came up with guidelines that we hoped
would balance user needs with the time and staff it takes to fix problems
caused by new software and hardware. We start our process by developing a
standard workstation client with a wide range of software to meet the needs
of the vast majority of users.  Using Norton's Ghost utility, we copy that
image to user workstations.  

If a department has a need for additional software/hardware, we help them to
test the new software/hardware on the client and can make another image for
use in that department.  (We ask for 6 weeks notification to be able to work
testing into our schedules.) If an individual requires additional
software/hardware (and has a valid license) they can either ask for our help
or attempt to install the software themselves.  If their software "breaks"
the workstation or something on the network, we'll re-image the machine back
to our base client. The restoration will be done on a "best-efforts" basis
and recurring incidents may require authorization of the customer's
supervisor, so that the managers understand the efforts being taken to
maintain the workstation. It also tends to lead to the department's manager,
instead of us, telling the user that they can't use the new stuff.

If a program or device someone wishes to use exceeds the specifications of
their computer system, then their department may be asked to fund any
upgrades necessary to run the software or devices.

We advise our users that we have a Service Level Agreement
(http://www.unf.edu/compserv/pol_proc/sla/service_level_agreement.html) and
in it we take into account that some departments and individual have unique
needs that cannot be met by the standard.  So far, these guidelines have
helped us to be flexible enough to meet the needs of the end user and reduce
the overhead incurred by incompatible software and hardware.

Wendy Brezin
Web & Systems Administration Coordinator
Computing Services Department
University of North Florida
wbrezin at unf.edu

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I'm kind of curious about what policy you have in regards to software
installations at the desktop.  Do you allow the end user to install software
on their desk top system?  If so, is any software installations allowed?
And if not, what procedures do your users follow for getting software
installed?  And how well received is that?

Here at my campus, we are more than willing to install just about anything
they need, but, they want the "freedom" to install software themselves.  IT
is to "controlling", as they say.  So, I'm doing some research to see just
how controlling we are.  Any information you can provide will be greatly


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