[unisog] Coordinated Scan

Tracey Losco tal1 at its.nyu.edu
Fri Mar 22 03:07:37 GMT 2002

Hey there, Anderson,

Unfortunately, we've been able to confirm the coordination...I've 
already gotten responses back from the administrators with 
confirmation that their machines were compromised. :-(

I tend to agree with Morrow on the possibility that some new type of 
exploit could have been released...but the scanning on port 1025 and 
the coordination "rings a bell" with me but I can't remember the 
details or specifics of the incident...

Must be that I'm getting old and losing my memory...8-\

Thanks for the input.



At 5:04 PM -0500 3/21/2002, Anderson Johnston wrote:
>We've seen these before (though not this morning).  It's often hard to
>tell a coordinated scan from a single scanner rotating a spoofed IP
>address (unless you know that at least one of the IPs is lives in an
>egress filter policy that would stop at least one of the other IPs).
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