[unisog] Mail Gateway Anti-Virus Products

Alexios Zavras zvr at pobox.com
Thu Mar 28 18:09:48 GMT 2002

Wayne Wilson wrote [edited]:
> Umich and I suspect a few of you 
> others have a policy in place that e-mail is private.  That might 
> present a policy issue when you do something to the content of a 
> message.

Right.  The case for our Univeristy here in Greece
is that e-mail is indeed considered private.

We are therefore not allowed to use any kind of scanning
in the contents of the message -- we are fortunately
allowed to process and log headers for debugging etc.
In a similar manner, we are allowed access to some
phone call data like number dialed (masked), duration,
cost, etc. but not on the actual audio content.

For the same reason, we are not allowed
to take backups of the mail spool (!!!).
By what kind of magic the mail ceases to be private
if it's stored in the user's home directory,
I don't know...

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