[unisog] Mail Gateway Anti-Virus Products

Rich Jones rich at uwo.ca
Thu Mar 28 20:46:32 GMT 2002

> I'd be interested in hearing from people doing anti-virus scanning
> on their mail gateways/servers. In particular:
> 1) What product are you using and on what server/gateway platform?
Trend InterScan VirusWall for solaris.  On an Sun E250.  We
are just using the smtp email-scanning component.  Scanning
both in and outbound mail for our central mail server. 100000
email a day.

> 2) How effective has it been?
Engine works well.  Some customization and documentation issues.
Add-on to block attachments with a particular extension is pricey,
and we don't have it.

> 3) How stable has it been?

> 4) How much did it affect mail gateway/server performance?
We had some problems integrating it into our existing environment,
using only 2 hosts.  Queue-processing problems.  Now we have
three solaris hosts:

  [ inbound ] -> [ scanner ] -> [ delivery ]

    Sendmail  ->   Trend     ->   Sendmail/Imap/Pop/NFS-server

with the host-structure being one of their recommended 
configurations.  Everything seems to work quite well.

> 5) The approximate pricing.

New hardware and the software.

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