[unisog] Slashdot's UCSB Article

Jim Dillon Jim.Dillon at cusys.edu
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Can't argue with your contention other than to say it is generally better to
say "Yes" to a potential customer with strings than to say "No."  "No" loses
customers, "Yes" with strings or costs loses less, usually.  Of course you
are right, I don't want to give anyone administrative access to my box as a
customer, so that may not be a viable solution.  One I'd probably accept
over re-formatting my box of treasures to give it a new heart, but not
particularly satisfying.

Given that XP and SP3 licensing require that you allow MS to own your box,
people may not be quite as opposed to the idea as they used to.  :)  I'm not
sure most don't do the same when they install AOL or some other major ISP
front end.  Disturbing trend though eh?  

Thanks for an obviously germane consideration though...

The costs of connectivity and free exchange just seem to keep growing.  Back
to strategic consideration.  Too bad freedom can't be free, eh?


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This contains the unwritten assumption that the machine in question is a
member of a domain.  


This isn't a problem in the corporate environment, where the organization
is the owner of the hardware - but the college doesn't own the resnet
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