Certificate Authority set-up for your schools?

Jerry A. Copus copus at uwplatt.edu
Wed Oct 2 14:41:15 GMT 2002

(I apologize for the the cross-list post....)

We're on the verge of purchasing a certificate for our domain from Thawte 
so we can start implementing some SSL with a pre-established trusted root. 
We're going to start with a "wildcard" 56-bit certificate for our domain, 
but we're naturally planning on expanding that as soon as possible to a 
larger key size etc.

We're a state University with a number of sister schools. We also have an 
umbrella organization (UW-System) that oversees all of our operations. We 
recently been pushing some cooperative ventures wherein UW-System licenses 
or implements a technology or system that we all share. This seems like a 
natural opportunity to do that with a CA.

My question is whether other similarly structured state schools have set up 
a central Certificate Authority for all of their schools and what advice 
they can give about licensing the certificates, procedures for issuing 
derivative certificates, and anything else relative to how they use 
certificates (what kind/size etc.).


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