[unisog] New Peer to Peer program?

Kaiser, Russell Kaiser at mail.psc.sc.edu
Tue Oct 8 20:55:47 GMT 2002

This software is a Korean file sharing program called Soribada.
It is found at http://www.soribada.com.  We have been seing
it on our network lately.  I had a friend who knows Korean
run the program (while I was running tcpdump) to confirm this.
This service was shutdown in July and apparently reopened
sometime in August.  Here is an article about the reopening:


The software seems to use ports 22321 UDP and 7674 UDP
heavily as that tends to show up the most.  We tested
the latest version.  I believe there previous version
used a different port number (udp 9001 I believe).  The
version we tested was downloaded this afternoon.

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We've started to see considerable traffic on udp ports 7674 and 22321.
Taking a quick look, the machine which are doing this traffic are also
listening on tcp 7675, 7677 and 22321. A quick look at our Argus logs show
that connections to tcp 7675 usually start with "GETMP3 <filename>". 

Is this a new peer to peer program, or part of an older one that I'm
unfamiliar with? Google isn't shedding any light on the situation.


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