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Chris Gundersen gunny at
Wed Oct 9 18:34:12 GMT 2002


We are currently evaluating the PacketShaper product from Packeteer for
use on our dorm network. We've had problems with incredible amounts of
saturation of our VERY substantial pipes, so much so that Kazaa traffic
chokes out simple HTTP requests for people trying to fire up web
browsers. Even with a limit of 100K on each port, we're still chewing up
100MB of bandwidth.

I wanted to solicit some comment about this product from anybody who may
have some helpful info. A few of our most common questions are:

1. Pros and cons? Has it been your saving grace? Have you encountered
any problems with it? If so, what where they and have they been

2. We are currently evaluating the 100MB model, but have considered the
Gig version even though it can only handle around 200MB throughput. Has
anybody found that PacketShaper can't keep up with a big pipe (as we
have here)?

3. What procedures have been implemented to determine how bandwidth
should be shaped? It is our consensus that bandwidth shaping is as much
of an art as it is a science - we need to utilize the bandwidth we pay
for now as efficiently as possible without hindering our students trying
to do worthwile things on the internet.

4. If you feel that PacketShaper isn't the best way to go, could you
propose some alternatives?

If anybody has any input it would be greatly appreciated. Also, and this
is completely voluntary and please feel free to say no, is anybody out
there willing to offer advice as to how they've configured classes and
policies for their institutions?

Please feel free to contact me either by the list or privately as well.

Much thanks,
-Chris Gundersen
University of Tennessee

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