[unisog] I may have spoken too soon (Windows message)

Martin Radford Martin.Radford at bristol.ac.uk
Thu Oct 10 15:02:20 GMT 2002

--On 10 October 2002 08:24 -0400 Rita Seplowitz Saltz
<rita at princeton.edu> wrote:

> I've just heard from a colleague with a Windows machine that she
> found a message window as she started up, advertising diplomas for
> sale.
> I've notified our Network and PC Systems folks.  Given the silence
> for the past few days, I certainly believed we had it licked, but
> this new report does not sound good!

What's interesting is that I had a colleague report this to me this
morning.  However, we firewall ports 137-139 at our incoming router, so
this must have come from within our network.  I just wonder whether
this might be happening via infected attachments, or similar.

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