[unisog] Academic Freedom

Jerry A. Copus copus at uwplatt.edu
Tue Oct 15 19:55:18 GMT 2002

Ah, a sense of entitlement and being indignant about it. One of the many 
charms of higher-ed....

1. In response to the "I pay your salary" charge:

No you don't. The State of Wisconsin pays my salary, which is made up of 
more than you alone. My responsibility is to all of them. We are the 
stewards of this resource. You may not like it. You're welcome to lobby the 
powers that be to change that, but for today this is so.

2. In response to the "I didn't agree to this/sign anything" charge:

I also did not sign anything saying that I agree to or accept the laws, yet 
they still apply and I'm held responsible by society for violating them.

3. In response to the "I'm paying for this/I'm a taxpayer" rant:

I'm also a taxpayer that theoretically owns a portion of the highways, but 
society isn't going to let me back-hoe my section out. Which part of SHARED 
resource eludes you?

Some people just don't like to play well with others and it seems to be 
getting worse.....

--On Tuesday, October 15, 2002 12:55 PM -0500 Bill Martin <bmartin at luc.edu> 

> Jim and James,
> Thank you both for your insight.  Now that I have the grand
> responsibility of re-evaluating many of our policies, (both technically
> and usage), this one particular issue has been troublesome for me. Coming
> from a business environment, I have had trouble wrapping my arms around
> the "well, we have always done X. . ." or the "I have a *right* to . .
> .". Let us not forget the "I am a student and I pay your salary", they
> are always a treat :-). In the corporate world, the only rights many had
> when it came to the network and systems was "what we allowed them". This
> was usually identified in policy, and strictly abided by. The reality was
> they had access only to what was required to complete their job. In
> short, the unspoken rule was "you will do what we allow you, and you will
> like it, end of story" :-).
> None the less, thank you both for your input.
> -Bill Martin-
> Sr. Systems Analyst
> Loyola University Chicago
> bmartin at luc.edu

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