[unisog] 5679/tcp on Windows XP?

Geoff LeBoldus leboldug at post.queensu.ca
Tue Oct 1 14:35:57 GMT 2002

At 09:05 AM 2002-10-01 -0400, Gary Flynn wrote:
> > Any suggestions on finding out what program is opening that port? I've
> > used Vision by Foundstone on Win2k computers but I'm not sure what to use
> > for WinXP
>netstat -ano will give you the process ID and then you can
>cross-reference that in the Task Manager.

We're lazy and use AATools :)  Very nice product. If you ask nicely they'll 
give you a license that can be used as part of a recovery kit ( ie: not 
tied to any particular CPU ).


Geoff LeBoldus
Systems Programmer              Information Technology Services

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