[unisog] Content/ spam filtering

Teus Hagen teus at nlnet.nl
Fri Oct 11 10:48:57 GMT 2002

Wells, Cary wrote:

>I have been pretty sick for awhile so forgive me if I asked this already.
>We are looking at implementing some spam and content filtering on both web
>and email, moreso on email.  We are wondering what people have looked at and
>what they have used in both open source and windows software.  We are
>looking at both appliances and software packages I can load on a gateway
>Thank you
>Cary Wells
The NLnet foundation (sponsoring GPL'd network technology projects) has 
a request for funding an email classification technology (classification 
of emails;
content based, not based on the usual keyword approach, but a class learning
en fast classification with what we estimate a 90-95% precision).
The proposal is to develop an Open Source end user program to use this 
for (personal) email spam detection.

The first question raised now is "how successful are current spam 
filtering techniques?".
So we tried an MTA (sendmail with access database and some HACK macro's:
detection on sender addresses and header info leading to "spam"), and the
Spamassassin vehicle (header lines, sender addresses, spam checksums 
keywords, etc.). In a limited environment this worked out just fine. 
Similar to the messages
I saw on this topic in this email list. (Still there are doubts on the 
success e.g.
 on end user interaction, performance, new spam creativity topics, etc. 

So the first question is: are current Open Source anti-spam techniques 
And if not can it ever be improved?
Second question: is there a real need to have a better content based 
anti spam technology?

Last question: is there a need for email classifier? Anti-spam will then be
a nice challenge.  If so will it be used? This as it will probably 
require quite
some maintenance from the end user.

In some way I think this is the wrong battle field to fight this spam war.

teus hagen

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