[unisog] Packeteer PacketShaper

Daniel MacKay Daniel.MacKay at Dal.Ca
Fri Oct 11 12:48:55 GMT 2002

As a result of totally pegged outgoing traffic (to the point of 
single-digit percent packet loss) we bought a 6500 and hooked it up 
last week. Our exec. director enthusiastically installed just one 
partition for KaZaA amounting to about 15% of our bandwidth. 
Incoming usage dropped slightly, outgoing bandwidth dropped to 25% of 

We did run the thing in "observe only" mode for a day or so, and I 
can see that there is a significant increase in Gnutella and other 
protocols.  Obviously the right solution is to combine all the 
undesirable P2P protocols into one folder and partition that.

The unit stalled out once and was passing minimal traffic (its front 
screen read "0.2") and was not manageable by telnet, but in my panic 
I didn't try the console.  I pulled both power cords and it did 
switch to "crossover cable" mode.

If it happens again I will build a system to monitor it and switch it 
out of the circuit when it goes down or melts down or whatever it did.
Daniel MacKay                           Daniel.MacKay at Dal.Ca
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Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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