[unisog] Windows Messaging Spam

H. Morrow Long morrow.long at yale.edu
Fri Oct 11 16:06:37 GMT 2002

Tom Perrine wrote:
 > Its a commercial product!!!
 > It looks like the scum-sucking maggots at www.directadvertiser.com are
 > responsible.  They sell a product that scans networks and delivers
 > pop-up advertisements.
 > Registrant:
 >    Geza Domokos
 >    B-dul Sanatatii H2/4
 >    Satu Mare,  3900
 >    RO

If they are in Romania wouldn't they be blood-sucking vampyres instead?

I did their online test and verified that our block
(TCP & UDP block of 135-139 and 445) appears to be
successfully blocking the messages.

Anyone d/l and test out their demo (limited) version
which can only do one IP address at a time?

BTW, I liked the disclaimer at the bottom of their
page (after they list all of the benefits and with
screenshots purporting to demonstrate how to broadcast
to huge network ranges):

	Notice: Please do not use this software for spamming.
         If you do so, you will take full responsibility for your actions.

- H. Morrow Long

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