[unisog] Posting of Bandwidth Hogs

Gary Flynn flynngn at jmu.edu
Sat Oct 12 02:46:17 GMT 2002

Mary M. Chaddock wrote:

>We are considering the use of peer presure to help regulate the bandwidth 
>Are any universitiies posting "Top Bandwidth Hog" lists? If so are, how 
>are you doing it? What information to you provide? Who has access to 
>Have you noticed results? What do the students think of this?
I've thought of it but in the past two weeks we've talked to a number of
such students and the majority were ignorant about the server aspects of
their peer sharing software. Simply explaining the problem was enough.

Unfortunately, as soon as 5 or 10 or 15 "bandwidth hogs" are eliminated,
it just frees up space for the next top 10.

We're trying to tune usage with Cisco's NBAR and Packeteer but we're
relatively new at it.

Students understand the problem once its explained to them. The technolgy
though is sometimes difficult to handle with all the various peer 
clients and
settings and marketing glitz.


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